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Chris Baber+

Chris Baber, Owner

Kelley Baber+

Kelley Baber, Owner

Poppy Sue+

Poppy Sue, Winery Dog

Chris Baber

Chris Baber, Owner

I’m a Texas boy, born and raised. When I’m not running the winery, you might catch me out running, literally! Oh, and swimming and biking, fulfilling my Ironman triathlon dreams; but mostly trying to burn off the copious amount of Mexican food I eat on a regular basis. I look forward to pulling up a seat in the tasting room and hearing your story over a glass of our wine. If that story includes an Ironman tattoo, you’ll get half off a glass!

Chris Baber can be contacted at


Kelley Baber

Kelley Baber, Owner

When you stop by the winery, you might see me taking pictures for my scrapbooks if I’m not pouring you a glass; documenting our stories is so important to me! While born in St. Louis, MO, I’m now blessed to call the Texas Hill Country home. I also really love the sound of the ocean, and nothing beats fresh sushi. Oh, and by the way, I’m obsessed with donkeys, so you’ll definitely see that represented in our tasting room!

Kelley Baber can be contacted at


Poppy Sue

Poppy Sue, Winery Dog

I’m the “Winery Dog” you will probably never get to meet. Why? Well, it’s true that I don’t like people. Any people. Except my two humans. So I will just hold that title in theory! I’ll just stay home and eat some more ice cream and take more naps!



Our story

Wine can be intimidating. Tasting notes…aeration…body and legs…tannins. Plus a thousand other words that make wine seem inaccessible and pretentious! We believe wine should be enjoyed, whether you are still exploring what you like or you are a seasoned wine drinker. 

From our first visit in 2003, we instantly fell in love with the Texas Hill Country…the beauty, the people we met, and the conversations we shared over some amazing wine. It quickly became “our place” and over the next seventeen years we visited as often as possible to explore the different wineries in the region. Certain experiences definitely stood out from the rest — what set them apart? Beyond the wine, it was the way people treated us like family. It was those who didn’t make us feel like “simpletons” because we couldn’t taste all the notes, but instead took us on a journey of where the wines came from and taught us how to discover wines we enjoy.

And that is what we want for you. That’s why, in 2020, we created Hill Country Wineworks. 

We aim to provide a non-intimidating environment where you can discover wines you enjoy. You’ll find a comfortable place to spend time with friends and family as you reminisce on the past and dream of the future. You may even meet some new friends — we’d love to be the first! And, of course, you’ll enjoy some incredible wine from Texas and beyond. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

It’s really the people who make our experiences more fun! Let’s come together over stories and wine.


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